SNK/NeoGeo Battlecoliseum (mugen)

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SNK/NeoGeo Battlecoliseum (mugen)

A gigantic Snk/Neo Geo
mugen game based on many characters.

Mugen Collection
10 bytes - 111,141 downloads

Note: 2 files chars and screen pack.

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2 Responses to “SNK/NeoGeo Battlecoliseum (mugen)”

  1. By Newbie on April 15, 2013

    Hi, sorry for bothering you but i need help on the characters for this game…i’ve downloaded both files and extracted both of it and put it on the same file(i’ve extracted everything include the character files inside… and cut all the character and put it in 1 file) but when i start the game, there’s not even 1 character available…can you help me with this?

    • Try to see if you can find help here..



      Btw after you extract the main zip (characters) there are 9 zip.. every zip contains a set of characters, you have to unzip those 9 files.. as far as i remember the mugen engine don’t support zipped characters file.. also you could need a different version (older) of mugen for this pack to work. Every char u wanna use must be in his own directory inside the main mugen chars directory.

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