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HIGHSTREET 5 is a dance online game, click here to see a nice video made for G4G by Morfy. Thx to Morfy for submitting news

For know all the feature read Game Modes:

Personal Mode

Single dance play online
Freestyle dance play online
4K ordinary dance play online
4K single play songs play online
8k ordinary dance play online
8K single play songs play online
Couples Mode

Dance competition play online
Dance for couple’s play online
Versus mode play online
Group Mode
Group dance play online
Versus mode



1.Game players could generate his/her own character in the game;
we could provide you a amazing and exciting gaming experience in dancing. You could establish your own character by using individual gaming gears. What we bring you is not only a splendid dancing game, but also a shock of street culture.
2 Fashion Garment
Create your own fashion style in the game.
We bring you a fresh experience in garment, gears; spot in the game, and you could make it to fit your own style easily. You could use different properties, different character of these fashion gears to show off. In the game you are the one, the only one who is just like a twilight star.
The spot scenery in the game is variety. There are many special function- key for you, and you could use all these special keys to music system, release announcement and breaking the stage.
The movement of street dancing
We bring you a professional performance of street dancing, and we put it in different types, you could choose any type for more details.
All the power skills need to be bought by using virtual currency, and you could set it up to shortcut. You could show all your special and incredible power skills in the game anytime.
Perfect pictures in the game
Street culture is what we want to shock you. You could feel all the core of street culture by amazing fashion style, colorful light on the stage and so on.
You could see a graffiti park in NYC
abandoned port of England; Roof of kowloon’s building located in HK; White sand seashore located in Hawaii; Heaven and earth pub located in old Shanghai and a pub which was reform from an ancient European castle.
Cool designing of stage light.
Computer-controlled random light, flood-light; spotlight; sharp flashing- light and running- light etc…
Various effects on the stage
Fireworks, Dry ice smoke; Fireworks wall; spitfire…
Amazing special effects
Trailing hand, Flashing eyes; Pace note and Garment flashing etc…
3 Friend-making
In High Street 5, you could add up a friend easier than before, you could check the level; personal info; current location and so on. We could use the group community function to know more friends in the game.
4 Video chat
We made a special video chat system, it helps you realize game and chat simultaneously. You could get more fantastic game experience with it.
5 Ranking system
You could check the dance property, level, score etc…And you will see the ranking status of all the game players in the server.
6 Shopping
You could buy all the game gears in the shopping mall; we bring you a new and satisfactory shopping experience in the game.
7 Music
You could use music system to give your friends warm and sweetness, you could find a DJ everywhere in the game that will help you to easily realizes it.

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