SOFTWARE FAILURE (History Disasters)

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1983 – Nuclear War avoided for miracle.
A bug in the Defense Soviet System fake the attack of 5 intercontinental missile against U.S.S.R Stanislav Petrov suspect the error, he think that makes no sense to attack with only 5 warheads, he is right the world is safe.

1990 – At&T Network down
A line of code in a software update cause the loss of 75 milion phone calls.
The economic damage for the little bug is huge. they loose 200.000 customers.

1996 – Ariane 5 Explosion
The software selfdestruct the rocket cause he was trying to write 64bit
in a 16bit variable.. 8 Billions on smoke literally

1998 – Mars Probe
A probe fly too low and crash, beacouse the software
use two different measures system (metric and imperial?)

1999 – Siemens and british passport
A buggy software prevents 500k to go
on vacanct outside the island, millions are paid
as re-fund.

1999-2000 – Millenium Bug
The hyped bug never happened but the catastrophism
pushed the software updates, in the end were spent 500 bilions euro

2004 – EDS and CSA operative system upgrade
Cause the installation of a new operative system,
agency collapse and millions wasted.

2006 – Airbus A380 Software incompatible
One year loss and economic beacouse two of the manufacturers
had different software versions.

2006 – Explosive laptop (literally)
Defective battery caused many laptop to start
burning.. 4 milions models retired.

2007 – Los Angeles Airport Tilt
Traffic control software goes crazy, and 17.000 fly
doesn t start, the guilty is a network card..

I think on this list miss the Windows Vista (2007), millions of dollars to develop and pubblish this new operative system which no one wants and no one uses. It’s not a case that they are already talking about Windows 7 (a 30 mb operative system which seems a copycat of Linux). So yea all this time to develop a technology that Linux has from many years…

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  1. Windows Vista is not bugged! Windows vista is a Bug! 😀

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