WarHammer: Mighty Empires Original Rules (Pdf)

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For those hobbyists who have been playing Warhammer for a decade or more, they will know that the latest Mighty Empires boxed set and plastic tiles is not the first incarnation of this campaign system.

For those with a twinge of nostalgia for the original Mighty Empires rules, or for those new Warhammer players who are curious what the old system was like, Gamesworkshop presents a downloadable PDF of the entire 64-page original Mighty Empires rulebook. Of course, this file doesn’t supplant the current rules for the new boxed set, but it might give you some clever ideas for tweaking your house rules. Enjoy!


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16 Responses to “WarHammer: Mighty Empires Original Rules (Pdf)”

  1. By bob on October 2, 2008

    your all s****d for playing wid these you nobs

  2. I am not a player of the GameWorkShop Tabletop, BUT Who the hell are you to judge what others do with their free time?

    Grow up, rookie-bob. 😆

  3. ty man nice txt

  4. By jaxter on May 29, 2009

    i’m also not a tabletopplayer, but if people like this, why not?

  5. By fred ball on June 16, 2009


  6. Look Fred FlinStone, you are not allowed to write here insults to other people, you probably didn’t read my comment up in the list so i will re-write it, just in case you pass here again by some other day or for some other ‘chat lion’..

    Why the hell u care what others do in their free time? They wanna buy, paint and play, you can say you don’t like it but gee don’t come here doing ‘the professor’. They do the fuck they want, until they don’t damage other people, its called FREEDOM.

    Go back to your cave, Fred and take your ball with you 😆


  7. I find out the link to download the pdf was broken..

    Fixed. Now if any of you want to download the old manual can.

    Well at least Fred comment was useful to find out a dead link 😆

  8. By Meshko on June 18, 2009

    thanks for the link FireSword.

    There will always be people like fred ball.

  9. By Beer on July 13, 2009

    Guys i think taht warhammer is a great game. I like to paint but don’t like playing with the figures. but FRED you are a little bit strange you say it is wasting of time. But i think that it is waisting of time if you wrote a comment on something you didn’t intrest.

  10. By supermax on August 4, 2009

    i like to paint the figures i am also not a tabletopper. i like painting as it gives me something to do on rainy days other than sitting watching tv all day

  11. By khorne11 on October 11, 2009

    warhammer rocks! just becuz i hav no lif dose not meen u should judge me 😛 but ya i hav a 7,000 point army of emp. guard and for fantasy 5,000 point army of dark elf

  12. By Norwgianboy97 on October 26, 2009

    I love warhammer fantasy, its a great game if you got a lot of time,

  13. By Hassan on July 26, 2010

    I love this game thanks for this game really

  14. By 123 on November 16, 2010


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