Xbox 360 gets DivX/XviD playback

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The Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update arrived overnight, and added a long list of new functionality – although the one thing most people are interested in is the relatively unexpected arrival of DivX/XviD playback.

Sign in to Xbox Live (Silver or Gold account – doesn’t matter), and accept the update. Try and load a DivX or XviD file from a CD, USB drive or the network. Files can be played from just about anything – CDs, DVDs, USB drives, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Home Server and even Mac formatted drives. It supports a vast majority of files.  You can manually switch between Letterbox, Fullscreen, Stretch and Native modes.

DivX Compatibility List

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  1. XBOX360 Rulez! 😀 I dont need this update i only use WMV 😀 360 FTW!!! 😀

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