Pen Pen Xmas Olympic, Frozzd, WH40k:Battle for Armageddon and Dino Parc

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pen_pen_xmas_olympics_02.jpg This year our little hero Pen Pen needs your help to qualify in a whole host of Skiiing events, from downhill slalom to racing down the slopes collecting coins to release the star sprites. Download

In Frozzd you play as an astronaut and together with King Mubbly you can free other Mubblies (the orange creatures). It has 360° gravity inspired by Mario Galaxy. There are many different planets, and each level introduces a new enemy.



Two downloads from Games Workshop’s glorious past, the out-of-print board game The Battle for Armageddon and the expansion Chaos Attacks!



A tamagotchi mmo with cute dinos.


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