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Be a wolf in a virtual wild nature world.
WolfQuest is 3D wildlife simulation game. Players join a wolf pack made up of friends or computer-controlled wolves and, through trial and error, instinct, and experience, learn to maximize both individual and pack survival. Each player discovers how to compete or cooperate, challenge or submit, and defend or attack during complex interactions within the pack. Players find they must balance individual and pack needs in order to increase their collective ability to hunt, defend territory, avoid danger, and protect their young. As they respond to challenges presented by their environment, players will experientially learn about habitat quality, prey populations, and the impact of human presence on the landscape. As they explore a variety of strategies to succeed in the game, players will exercise critical thinking and inquiry skills. Gameplay will create a strong emotional connection between players and wolves, changing player’s attitudes toward wolves and habitat conservation in the real world.

Wolf Quest Link

If you prefer being a Deer you may wanna check this

Watch a Video of Wolf quest




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14 Responses to “WOLF QUEST”

  1. thank you for this game.i love playing this game!i got a mate but no puppies and we’ve been on thirteen hunts and killed atleast 4 cow elk. i downloaded this wonderful game to my PC and i really enjoyed makeing my wolf and being a wolf.im a brown wolf and my name is Shigoo.

  2. By thankyou on February 18, 2009

    where looking for browser games and found this ohhhhh i love wolfes!

  3. By Winterfrost on April 5, 2009

    Do u buy this game at a store or do u just download it?

  4. The game is free. Both singleplayer or multiplayer.

    If you want to support the guys behind this game you can (i think) buy a T-shirt on their site.

    p.s All the games showed on this site are free to download and play if not otherwise specified.


  5. interesting game. thanks for link

  6. By loz on April 10, 2009

    erm ive tryd 2 download this game from th wolf quest website but all i get is a page full of computer language ??? do yah knw any othr sites wer i cn get this game or can i get it frm eyyah??? thanks xx

  7. Don’t download from mirrors.. you can’t be sure you get the current version.

    On Firefox download works perfect.

    IF you are using Internet Explorer, maybe after you click, the game is auto-executed, you must right click on download links and choose save as, you could also use a download manager as GetRight.

    I didn’t put a mirror, cause according to their forum, the authors don’t want mirrors.

    p.s loz i see your email in your comment, do you putted it on purpose? Or it was a mistake? Tell me if i must to remove it.

    p.p.s The game works on Macintosh too!


  8. By Aurora on October 25, 2009

    I played on WQ(WolfQuest)since the first day it came out. It is a fun game, but it may not look the same when you play as on videos and pictures. That’s because of your graphic card… it may be old…

  9. By Jack on October 25, 2009

    who cares about this boring game -_- not me

  10. By Aurora on October 25, 2009


  11. By Jack on October 25, 2009


  12. By Danger on August 27, 2012

    I love this game and I had always wished I could be a wolf now I can!!! yea ya!!

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