WARSOW v0.41

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A nice multiplayer-fps game based on the quake 2 engine source.


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A small summary of some of the major changes (for a detailed overview, check out the changelog):

– WarsowTV
– broadcast matches in-game to a large amount of viewers
– Full multipov streaming
– Added small minimaps for watchers

– Engine
– New advanced renderer features (bumpmapping, specularmapping, shadowmapping)
– Optimizations! Increased performance over 0.3
– Outlines now handled by engine, ability to switch on or off
– Profiles: ability to quickly use some predefined graphic settings

– Maps
– Replaced old wdm2 by TdM’s/bLx’ Chromo Dynamic
– Replaced old wdm11 by Grumx’ Rage
– New TDM maps by Daze: wdm8 – Baxandall and wdm19 – Format
– New TDM map by jal/Daze: wdm9 – Supersym
– New duel map: wdm10 – Deflected
– Retextured most maps to take advantage of new renderer features

– Models
– New Weapon model: Instagun
– New Player model: Bobot

– Gametypes
– Tweaked iTDM (domination style gametype)
– New CTF rules
– Added Duel Arena (1v1 ClanArena)

– Bots
– Advanced movement (bunny hopping, dashing and wall jumping)
– Ability to time items
– More natural behaviour

– Tweaked movement system
– Added forward bunny hopping
– Increased gravity, compensated by higher jump strength

– Tweaked weapon settings
– Gunblade: Regenerates ammo, instant fire, added splash damage (trickable!)
– Riotgun: Spiral pattern, increased damage slightly
– Rocket launcher: More splash damage, more self damage, decreased projectile speed (1000 up/s)
– Grenade launcher: Strong grenade explodes on contact, tweaked projectile trajectory

– Tutorials
– Included basic movement demo-tutorials
– With subtitles, voice-over and recams to explain basic movement and bunny hopping

– Windows, linux and Mac compatible
– However in beta state, Warsow 0.4 is the first release to run on OSX
– Windows in both .zip and installer

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  1. Great Game. Play it now since 2 years and it make allready fun!

  2. hi… but remember to download the newer version..



  3. Can I have a copy of the editor?

  4. Dunno Buzzy check the Author Site to see if you can get it.

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