OC ReMix Announces Voices of the Lifestream Music Video Contest Results

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FF7 Category Winner: ‘Compiled Memories’ – sayde (David Lee)

This was the first official competition held by OC Remix..

FF7 Category Runner-up: ‘Black-Winged Angel’ – slkdragon (Chris Cook)

FF7 Category Honorable Mention: ‘Wheels of Lifestream’ – Big Paul (Paulo Augusto)

Anime Winner: ‘Final Moments of Clarity’ – Mindeffects (Saša Tarbuk)

Anime Runner-up: ‘Final Moments of Clarity’ – ‘Sweetest Embrace’ – Phantasmagoriat (Chris Studer)

Original Winner: ‘Stone Eyes’ – Zethzen (Ian Cofino)

Original Runner-up: ‘Lunatic Hero’ – backseatstuff (Matt Furbush)

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