Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI coming to PC and retrospective image of game evolution

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Many years ago i spent a lot of time playing the first Romance of the Three Kingdoms on my Commodore Amiga 500, and with others great Koei strategy games (like Genghis Khan, Bandits King, Nobunaga, Kessen etc), now it has been announced that after the ‘console-journey’ the rtk series is scheduled to come back on the PC in its 11th version. But what about the previous games, well click more there is a nice image waiting for you…

p.s i always played as Sun Jian (The Tiger) 😆

Koei official site

Rtk3 XI Trailer


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2 Responses to “Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI coming to PC and retrospective image of game evolution”

  1. By simon on July 25, 2008

    I had bandits king on my old amiga and want to play it again on PC.does anyone know where i can get it?

  2. Hi I played a lot Bandits Kings of the Koei back in 1989… on my Amiga 500 with friends… very good game…

    About where to get the game, i would say everywhere on the internet 😆


    Keep in mind that the game isn’t freeware, but i highly doubt that the author cares if u download it after 19 (nineteen) years… 😆


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