StarFight V: Hell’s Gate (DosBox)

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StarFight V: Hell’s Gate is a pure action title. Besides intensive action and enjoyable gameplay, it focuses on story delivery via short cutscenes and ingame dialogue.

StarFight V features:

-Fast-paced, cinematic SciFi-story with Full Motion Video cut-sceces
-Six different craft to fly, both solo and with wingmen
-More than 18 different types of spacecraft in-game
-20 arcade missions (5 of which are available in the ShareWare version)
-Lots of graphical special effects (lens flares, bump mapping, transparent particles…)
-Interactive digital music track and multichannel sound effects
-Runs very well even on an older computer (P120 or above)
SF5 is the last DOS-based game of the series. Despite it’s native environment, the game’s compatibility with new hardware is much better than the predecessors. It has been successfully tested even under the virtual DOS emulation machine of Windows 2000 operating system.


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