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Authors:”Gaming technology on the web is changing. InstantAction is bringing 3-D multi-player console-like games to the web, playable through a browser. The platform brings together the best of gaming with the best of the web, combining the web’s accessibility and social interaction with high end graphics and competitive gameplay. This will appeal to hardcore gamers who find the games more accessible than expensive console games, international gamers who don’t have access to consoles, and former core gamers who have careers or families and no longer have as much time to pour into the gigantic game experiences they used to. We have cracked some daunting technology hurdles to bring the type of games serious gamers like to the web.

Since many of our games are online and multi-player, we have designed a social environment that makes it easy for friends to connect and jump into a game. In addition, with InstantAction’s unique lobby approach, it is easy to move from game to game with your party. Being on the Web also enables us to do what we call “live development,” where we take active and passive feedback from our players to continually update/improve levels, storylines and gamers will no longer have to wait for a sequel to keep a game fresh.”


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