GONG! Online (Goal Or No Goal)

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GONG! is a casual, on-line soccer game. You can play it by yourself or with friends over the Internet.
Play a fun soccer – football match without all of the yellow and red cards! Wacky and exciting, this is a soccer – football game that’s for everyone, whether your a die hard fanatic or a casual gamer.

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Watch Gameplay video


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5 Responses to “GONG! Online (Goal Or No Goal)”

  1. By bunta on September 13, 2008

    Bello sto giochino!
    Scaricatelo che si gioca ^^

  2. Sembra carino, mi aveva incuriosito anche perche sul sito ufficiale in basso c’e’ la firma della THQ (quelli di dawn of war e company of heroes tra le altre cose)…


  3. By Razor on December 17, 2008

    Molto divertente gioco. Dobbiamo battere i brasiliani.

  4. hi razor, good italian, did you use google translator? eh eh

    Yea the brazil team is always a tough adversary in the soccer world. 😉

  5. By Razor on December 19, 2008

    yes i did (^: i need help (^:

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