Bugs Rider

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Bugs Rider is a unique online shooting game unlike any game introduced in the world before. As gleaned from the title, the main game characters are a unique assortment of “Bugs” which players ride upon to fight against enemies. Five different types of Bugs are available for use at the beginning with many new types to be introduced as the quests are played.

One most interesting feature of the game is the ability to play against other players with very simple rules. In essence, you gain improved parts for your “wing” through the playing of quests, and with items earned players can compete against others in a challenge mode.

You can collect different types of cards to collect and trade with your friends by playing the quest mode. There are also many unique types of items that you can be purchased from different types of item shops. In addition, we are making some in-game mini-games to provide miscellaneous fun for all players!

An online shoot ’em up game, from the same authors of Navy Field.


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