Devana (Open source Web Game)

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MMO browser strategy game in which users can handle economical, diplomatic and military tasks to further increase their empire. Create alliances, battle other players with huge armies led by generals, trade resources, and more. working server: devana.eu


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5 Responses to “Devana (Open source Web Game)”

  1. By tocsin on May 21, 2009

    I think, if i can download this open source?

  2. yes, just click the blue word LINK in the post… 😆

  3. By satrincha on November 29, 2012

    Why i got this page when i click to “id Software Source Codes 28-11-2012” ??

    • I hope is not the site broken… 😆 I hope it is just a temporary browser cache error…

      Thanks for telling me btw i will investigate.

      • By satrincha on November 30, 2012

        Maybe you’re right, i got the bug with FF (strange i have never went to “Devana (Open source Web Game)” webpage. But with Chrome or Opera i did not have the bug.

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