Warhammer 40k: Space Marine First Look

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Now it’s some time this video is floating around the web, seen that Gears of War 2 is coming sometime soon, i thought was a good idea to show it. Since the first play at Gears of War, especially in some levels it came to me obvious the makers was heavily inspired by imperial guards and the imperium of the wh40k universe, i mean the ‘Gears’ were clearly a heavier version of the imperial guards not to mention the gothic feeling and scenarios, and last all the simbols during the game, now thq is working on the ‘wh40k gears of war’, they could have made this using the Ghost Recon engine also. Well by my point of view it’s good they finally decided to make something like this, consider there are dead space, colonial marines and gow2 coming soon and we can say sci-fi and shooters are coming back in a good way, in the past i really liked the AlienVSPredator franchise and FireWarrior (why they decided you had to control  TAU goes behind my guess). This are good news don’t you think?

BONUS:  Dawn of Team Fortress 2

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