Shin Megami Tensei Online – Imagine

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Convince, seduce, and intimidate Demons to fight along your side. Fuse Demons together and create new breeds! Use your Demons as mounts to travel the world of Imagine Online. Discover all 200 of them! Personalize your character’s wardrobe in thousands of ways. Dress your character in modern and futuristic Tokyo fashions. Trade clothes and accessories to create the look you want. Fight alongside your friends using a real-time combat strategic combat system. Choose to slash swords, shoot guns, and cast magic spells. Dodge, parry, and counter with expert combat techniques.


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  1. By Walter )'Dim on December 7, 2008

    This game is great. I strongly suggest it to anyone who likes mmorpg’s and wants something a little different than usual. Probably the best thing I’ve gotten from g4g yet.

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