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MLB Dugout Heroes is a Free Online Baseball. Game will include MLB Licensing With All Major League Clubs and Ballparks.

Fans can expect a casual online baseball experience with a three dimensional, cartoon-rendered graphic style and easy to pick up and play mouse-only controls. The game will offer four different modes of play for fans to choose from: tutorial, practice, single player and multi-player. Fans will be able to experience the fun of strategically managing a Major League Baseball club by forming a team, fostering its players and making all of the base-running, batting and pitching decisions providing true interaction with on-the-field baseball play. With realistic character motions and unique verbal exchanges occurring between pitchers, batters, and color commentary, MLB Dugout Heroes will offer a truly unique and engrossing baseball game play experience free of charge.


Note: only players from the US and Canada can participate in the Closed Beta test.

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