Earth 2025 (browser)

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The year is 2025. A few years ago, the greatest war the Earth had ever known had just come to an end. All that remained were small pockets of life scattered throughout the world. No goverments. No communications. No organized civilization. Since then, you have banded together a small group of survivors and put together a small country. Where others saw chaos, you saw opportunity, and now you want to be the leader of the most powerful country on the planet. However, during this same time, thousands of others have done the same in their area of the world and are now having the same thoughts in their heads. Your success will depend on mastery of every skill of rule — economics, military development, diplomacy, and more. With an array of options and strategies at your disposal, can you prove stronger, more cunning — and most importantly, smarter — than all of your opponents?

Earth is an empire based game of strategy and thought. As leader of a newly founded country, your goal is to ultimately become supreme to all others. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire both economically and militarily superior to all others. The ultimate aim? To become the most powerful country on the planet.

Through this all, you will compete against thousands of other players all vying to achieve the same goals. The only way you will succeed in achieving greatness will be through working with others and convincing them to help you get to where you want to be.


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