Tanoth – Adventure in Aris (browser)

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The land of Aris fell into darkness when King Targon disappeared. For a quarter century now, his younger brother Halgan has been ruling with an iron fist. After the very narrow avoidance of a disaster on a small island in the east, a danger which went unnoticed by most people, another catastrophe is now brewing in the north of the realm. In Tarabat, a small village at the foot of the Shadow Mountains, the bravest adventurers are gathering to try their luck. For many of them, their bravery will be their downfall. But for those strong enough to survive, untold riches await them here…

The fantasy-MMOG ‘Tanoth’ is the first browser game to take place in the universe of a popular PC game.
It follows on from the action role-playing game ‘Legend – Hand of God’, which won the German Developer’s Award in 2007. Like all of Gameforge’s games, Tanoth is free of charge – all you need is a PC with internet access to influence the fate of Aris.


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  1. Very good game
    fantastic game

    now please gave me ption for downloading this game


  2. Hi man, in this page there is a blue word: LINK

    Click on it then download button… 😆

    Btw it’s a browser game, which means that there is nothing to download, it’s playable directly in your browser.

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