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Now through Friday, March 20th at 8 pm GMT, Zeno Clash will be available for 50% off its regular price for those who pre-purchase the game via Steam.

That means 7,99 Euro-Dollars eansted of 15,99 Euro-Dollars. This is a bit risky, i have no idea if the game is good, or bad, personally i don’t know what to think, but i thought this was a news to spread.. considering some of you could be interested in this game.


p.s To say this game is wierd is just an euphemism.. 😆

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2 Responses to “ZENO CLASH 50% OFF FOR 24 HOURS”

  1. By eviljayd on March 20, 2009

    Um…it took me a while to figure out what the word eansted meant…

    And then…euphemism…you could have just said understatement…

  2. Yes but i like classic terms.. 😆

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