Another round of FlashGames at the village..

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Another round of nice flashgames, of course i could have not post about them, well i did. Hope you like this mini games!

Pink Ball

Super Karoshi

Nitro Haul

Strongest Truck 3

Chronicles of Avael: Prologue


Block Squad


and much more! just head your browser here

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Another Round of flashgames at the Village
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2 Responses to “Another round of FlashGames at the village..”

  1. Thanks for the games.
    Please take a look at my flashgames, maybe you want to add some of them to your collection?


  2. I definetly will..

    Can i host the game or should i put only the links?

    I will host them, but if it’s not ok, just tell me and i will simply put links. Bye.

    Fin. 😆


    I actually added all your games 😆
    Btw you are the Author of DotVille? wow i remeber that game, i played a lot and rember it was hard as hell to progress…. 😆 Dotville was covered by major website on the net.


    Oh and again if i must remove the games or some game just tell me and they will be removed.
    Ok, cya.

    If you want you can check the games here:

    Fin. 😆

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