City Racer Online (mmo-racing)

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City Racer is a 3D MMO Racing Game developed by Mobile Planet Co. City Racer has a different style with other MMO Racing Games and it’ll make you experience real-type racing.


– Several maps based on real cities.
– Real-type well-balanced cars and tuning system.
– Real-type physical engine to draw reality.
– 3D engine based on OPEN GL.

Free Racing
– Free type battle courses.
– Several net-ways not like linear tracks.
– Maximize the contents.

Online Racing Game
– Provides the online community in the game.
– Online trading and chatting in the community.
– Full 3D online racing game with online battle system.

Specific Community
– Community cafe is existed in the game.
– A role of lobby to enter the field.
– A role of place to make a community among users.
– Similar process with original MMORPG by using an avatar.

Free Tuning System
– Real-type tuning system.
– Provides the customized tuning tree.
– Several real-type tuning items.

Main Battle System
– Several battle modes.
– Level-Up system.
– Several items and cars.

Several Sub Battles
– Huge event battle field.
– Pure battle field by minimizing users’ communication.
– Several maps and battle types.

Guild System
– Provides each guild page by linking with own website.
– Free guild search for beginners.
– Provides the proper emblem and sections.

Item Shop
– Consists of 6 categories and 14 parts.
– Divides by Power-Up, Driving-Up, Equipment, Accessory and Special shop
– Can move, buy and sell in the community cafe.

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4 Responses to “City Racer Online (mmo-racing)”

  1. By Máté on July 26, 2009

    I think Project Torque is better.

  2. Project Torque is ok. I played it a lot, the way it is now totally unplease me (driving physic model), i didn’t like back then when they nerfed my Quadro (a car in game). I play sometime Grid (not free). Btw if u try City Racer online let us know if it’s good or not, Máté..

    Btw do you know mate means ‘friend’ in english without the accent you put in your name? 😆

    Are u a spanish drinker? 😆

  3. By Máté on July 26, 2009

    I know and i’m Hungarian. It’s Matt in English. And I dont think I will try this, I’m bored of micro-payment games.

  4. By Máté on July 26, 2009

    I just laughed when they wrote realistic maps.

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