Empire Craft (browser)

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Empire Craft is a browser-based game (Web-game) with RPG and business strategy, players can start the game immediately without installing any client or plug-ins. And even there is no requirement for the operating platform. With a computer connecting to internet, players can start the game on browser easily.

Empire Craft has the outstanding game system, including monster killing, player competing, chatting, city managing, battling, campaign, task, instance zone, worldwide incident, equipment, skill, team playing, friend, union, property, goods, and market etc.


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  1. By Madd bomber on October 7, 2009

    I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Empire Craft. The game has a lot of strategy and resource managment behind it. Plus you can be part of big unions and have people to chat with and help. Its free to play and you don’t have to buy anything to be competitive (because of the unions). Plus you can play it at work!
    ~ Madd

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