Over 300 free mmo and counting..

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Currently in the free MMO archive there are more than 300 free mmo listed, i wonder if there is some good game in there , or some hidden gem, what do you think? I took the liberty to suggest some free mmo games that in my opinion are worth some play, they are in no particular order.. And you? Do you have a favourite free mmo? Share with us your thinkings..

Click on the corresponding title..

Voyage Century Online
Neo Steam
Rohan Blood Feud
SilkRoad Online
Chronicles of Spellborn (TBR)
Allods Online (TBR)
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Istaria (partially free)
Gates of Andaron / 4 Story

I probably missed a lot of good ones.. Do you have some suggestions?

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6 Responses to “Over 300 free mmo and counting..”

  1. Actually i tried one of the games that keeps showing up on banner ads on this site, Gates of Andaron. It is surprisingly a really solid game. Closest thing Ive seen to a WoW clone. Graphics and style are literally the same. Has a few less convinces than WoW like an auction house… However it has a teleportation system which works fantastically to cut down on those horrendous walk and flight times that plague most MMO games. Easy to download and play id rank it up near the top free MMO’s, right up there with Huxley which is down for a few months right now for after beta updates :'(

  2. OMG how can i possibly forgot about Gates of Andaron/4 Story? I thought about to put Huxley but decided not cause it’s too much fps..even if it has the mmo system infrastructure..

    Thanks Bretto.

    p.s If i understand correctly 4 Story is a global release while Gates of Andaron is North American release.

  3. Just adding..

    Runes of Magic and Grando Espada/Sword of the New World seems 2 enjoyable free mmo as well..

  4. By Máté on September 6, 2009

    R there other MMOs than just RPGs? And r there completely free games?

  5. By 2kings on September 8, 2009

    I cant wait to try ddo in a couple days!
    ive just kicked my wow habit need somthing else to fill the void 😛

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