Assault Tech 1: Battletech

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Assault Tech 1: Battletech, or AT1:BT for short and as better known, is an independent, non commercial Activision’s MechWarrior 2 series remake using a more advanced DirectX 7 graphics engine, BlitzBasic’s Blitz3D ( )

Not only it includes aspects from the classic game, but combines the best gameplay details from the three most popular MechWarrior games (Mechwarrior 2/3/4) as well as it implements new Classic Battletech rules that were long awaited by most die-hard Battletech fans, and looks forward to include even more control over other types of units aside from the well known ‘Mechs.

Like in the classic game, the storyline-timeline is based around the refusal war between the Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf and also currently including its post-war expansion: Ghost Bear’s Legacy.

LINK to AT1 – BattleTech

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