Dolphin Wii and Gamecube Emulator

Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator.

Gamecube compatibility is okay-ish – lots of games work, many games don’t work.
Wii compatibility is not quite as good as the Gamecube compatibility, but many games are playable, and lots of games are showing intros and more.
Triforce compatibility is not really known yet, but at least one game runs, with minor glitches.

This is a working Wii Emulator with a lot of people involved in the project!

Link to Dolphin Emulator


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Are you ready to conquer the Olymp in the footsteps of Ulysses, Achilles and other Greek heroes? Then join us in a unique adventure into the world of the Acient Greece.

In the browser based online game, it is your task to build up a small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On your trip to glory and honour, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek mythology: Zeus’, Heras, Athenes and Poseidons grace will decide about your victory or defeat.

Most international versions will start in the first Quarter of 2010. An international English language Beta world will be available in 2009


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Crysis Wars Free Giveaway Holiday Edition!

10 Days of Free Crysis Wars Multiplayer Action.
And a contest to win 1 cdkey for the full game.

From website:

We’re pleased to be able to invite you to the Crysis Wars Holiday Trial period taking place from Saturday, December 19th to Tuesday, December 29! All you need to do is be a registered member of MyCrysis in order to receive all the information you’ll need to take part, there’s still plenty of time to sign up so make sure you don’t miss out!

* If you already own and play Crysis Wars, this period will be a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new players and make new friends.

* If you don’t own Crysis Wars, this is a unique occasion for you to download the FULL game with its 3 game modes and 21 maps. As soon as your download is over, you will be able to play on LAN with your friends for free. Once the trial period commences, you will receive a unique CDKey so that you can play online for free until December 29th!

Full Post
Enter our competition starting Saturday 19th of December for your chance to win a free copy of Crysis Wars! We have 100 keys to give away, you can win these by entering our daily competitions over the ten day period. The competition will end a day after the CD-Keys have been revoked on the 30th of December.

To enter the competition simply sign up to and post your best Crysis Wars screenshot moment in the competition thread created daily.

Crysis Wars Giveaway
Throughout the Crysis Wars giveaway we will be giving out 100 keys to players that post their best Crysis Wars moments. This must be in the form of a screenshot (.jpeg format is preferable) and posted in the designated competition thread which will be created daily. Please be aware that only one submission per account should be made per day. If you happen to win a Key on any of the days you will not be able to win on another day, however you can still keep playing with your friends, both old and new!

This competition is open to everyone, and if you do not already own a copy of Crysis Wars then why not take advantage of our Free Holiday Trial and get posting!

How it works
The way this competition will work is very simple and has been broken down below;

* Sign up to
* If you do not have Crysis Wars download the free trial.
* Load up Crysis Wars and get playing!
* Take screenshots of your best ingame moments, then choose one to submit via our daily thread on

The winners of each competition will be announced daily with the keys being e-mailed at the end of the week.

The Rules
The rules of the competition must be followed. Anyone found breaking the rules will have all of their competition entries rendered invalid.

* Users are limited to one entry per thread
* No editing tools may be used except to resize/crop
* It must be a screenshot from Crysis Wars taken from your PC
* Winners will be selected at Crytek staff’s discretion
* No offensive content
* Users are limited to one key maximum
* IP checks will be enforced, this means one winner per IP

Good luck to all entrants and happy fragging!

– Crysis Wars Team

Download The Client
Link to Official Site

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Food Force 2

Food Force 2 has been designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger. Since the laptop reaches out to the developing and third-world countries, it educates children and teachers in a village on how to achieve self sustenance in a fun and non-intrusive way. It also provides awareness about the work WFP has been doing for the past many decades to abate the problem of world hunger.

Link to Author Site

The Game is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux (Source Code).

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The West (browser)

Discover new land and experience exciting adventures and duels!
The West is waiting for you!

Follow the traces of Jesse James and Billy The Kid, experience exciting adventures and search for gold along the Klondike!

The West is a role-playing game set in the Wild West. You play a character on the hunt for adventure, gold and fortune. On your adventure you will partake in interesting and exciting stories, you’ll help the settlers and collect a few bounties.

You decide the career that your character will pursue and where it will take you. About two million players are already waiting for you!

Link to the West

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The Cherokee Indian Special Edition

By: Jr. Jellybeans
Published: July 2009

Go on the most exciting Native American adventure ever!

Experience life as a young Cherokee Indian boy in this amazing game. In it, you will hunt and capture animals, plant crops, and discover untold secrets.


* you can easily play this game as it’s played using only the mouse
* it’s going to keep you entertained for hours – there are over 100 levels
* you can use it as a great learning tool for kids

Download The Cherokee Indian SE


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Counter-Strike: Source for 4 bucks

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For this week-end CS:Source is sold for 4 US dollar-Euro, i am no more interested in this, but for all the people who never played this (do they exist?) it sounds a good deal for 4 bucks..

I have no idea if and when there will be a counter-Strike 2.. Still this game was (is?) one of the most played games online and its population is pretty big.

Go go go…

Link to Steam


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The Seventh Dragon (browser)

An easy and simple Browser-RPG game.

“The Seventh Dragon” is a simulation RPG set in a spectacular fantasy world focusing on character development, battles, and strategy. Players choose between “Human”, “Elf” and “Undead” races and maintain their castles. The first objective is to build up your castle into a huge city and increase the power of your country. When your country’s power reaches a certain level, recruit trustworthy fighters known as “Heroes” that will support you in so many ways. Then raise more soldiers in your castle.
At the same time, gather allies and form a Guild. Once you, with your large group of allies, occupy 5 cities belonging to other races you can get economic and military support from “The Seventh Dragon”. With this support, you can attempt to defeat the Devil boss, “Kaberos” – that is the ultimate objective of this game.

Link to The Seventh Dragon

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Games Unplugged Session

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Same notes different instruments..

Baba yetu Piano Sid’s Civ 4


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Aderan Wars (browser)

Aderanwars is a FREE browser based massively multiplayer online game. All you need to play is a valid email adress (to register) and any working browser. This game never restarts and takes only a few minutes to play per day.

Take control of a planet as a newly promoted general and progress your realm in power and influence. Be part of the ingame politics, or play as a lone wolf. Secret (and official) treaties are on the order of the day just like deception, lies but also honesty, courage and valor.
Make friends, join or create alliances, improve your economy, trade with other players, construct buildings, research countless technologies, build up armies and air force, grow peacefully evading conflict, or mobilise your armies and go to war! Whichever path you take, the choice is only yours.

Link to Aderan Wars

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