Exalight (mmo-racing) Partially Free

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Exalight is a massively multiplayer online racing game, made by F4. Currently (2010) the site is in french language only.

Exalight is the first racing game online persistent world based on a futuristic fantasy. You play as a race driver in search of fame and fortune!

Your character and your vehicles progress throughout the game, both in appearance and performance, according to your desires and your race results. Through great challenges and many adventures, you battle other players and try to beat them on the circuit to reach fame and fortune!

Exalight is not just a racing game: it is also a persistent universe built around 4 major cities of the clans Jawal, Piro Piro, and zhuu Myriath. So when you log off, your character, your belongings, your vehicle or your position in the city were saved. When you return, you get everything you own in the state where you left off, but the world, it has evolved!

In Worlds of Exalight, you have tremendous freedom of action to meet, discuss, exchange, perform tasks, establish or join a team … you can immerse yourself in an original universe and deep, facing the challenge and competition and be part of a huge community.

Link to ExaLight

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2 Responses to “Exalight (mmo-racing) Partially Free”

  1. By satrincha on January 20, 2010

    its not free

    • You are right.. my mistake…

      Exalight is a game Which can be accessed free software download on the official site. You can then play for free as long as you want in discoverable mode.

      For the future, if you want access to all the worlds of Exalight, you can choose one of two modes pay offered: Mode Liberty or the rental model.


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