Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

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The first data-disk of dow2 is almost here, this is a thing all the dow 2 fans already well know..
Those who won’t buy the expansion will get a new unit, a big patch and some maps.
Those who will buy the expansion will get:
-Chaos Army
-A new (useless?) single player campaign

At the actual price (30 euro) i am not going to buy this, it s just not enough for me to justify the buying, i am not a big fan of Chaos Marines, plus is still a 3 vs 3 with just the adiction of f4all mode.
In addiction i found the single player campaign (dow 2) terribly boring.
I don t wanna bash THQ or Relic at all, in fact i am glad they make wh40k rts game, but to me Dow 2 is bad designed since the beginning.. so i hope they will bypass Company of Heroes 2 and will start to work on Dow 3 as soon as possible 😆

Link to Official Site

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising will be going live on the following schedule, due to time zone differences throughout the world.

Australia and New Zealand (Retail & Steam)
08:00 PST, 16:00 GMT 3/10

North America and Korea (Retail & Steam)
21:00 PST 3/10, 05:00 GMT 3/11

Russia/Czech/Poland/China (Retail & Steam)
13:00 PST, 21:00 GMT 3/11

Europe (Retail & Steam)
16:00 PST 3/11, 0:00 GMT 3/12

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