BattleField 3 Will “Blow People Away”

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(The image refers to Bad Company 2)

BattleField 3 Will “Blow People Away”, according to various websites around the web this is what Fredrik Liliegren (an ex-Dice developer?) would have said regarding the third chapter of the BattleField series on the PC.

So how will be the next Battlefield 3? I think at this point we can say the graphic will be very similar to Bad Company 2 (amazing)..

Some time ago some information (dubious) leaked around websites…

-Powered by “Frostbite” (plausible)
-Set in year modern day (just like BF2, ed.)
-Will ship with 8 maps, each supporting up to 40-players per team (80 players rather than 64)
-Two playable factions, NATO and MEC (Middle Eastern Coalition)
-Same “ticket-based” gameplay style as before
-Maps are mostly urban, based in Middle East
-Squads and Commanders are present, introduced are “Battalions” which consist of three to four squads.
-Five playable classes; Sniper, Assault, Engineer, Medic and Support
-Will feature 48 different vehicles (24 for each faction)
-Will feature 34 different weapons (17 for each faction) and another 22 unlocks (for both factions), in total 56 different weapons.
-Other unlocks include different types of ammunition, body armor, helmets, camouflage and accessories.
-Online stats tracking, awards and “real world ranks”
-“Soldier” feature, looks like MMO-styled characters and avatars
-In-game replay and recording feature
-VoIP, friends list, in-game IM-client and “extensive clan support”
-Built-in auto software updater (no more patches!, ed.)

Now what i think (or hope)…

Battlefield 3 will be like this (in my opininon)..

-128 vs 128 players (or maybe more?)
-Frostbite engine (like Bad Company 2) which means destructible enviroment
-The Soldier will be like an avatar fully customizable
-It will have some kind of MMO feature but how will it be implemented? Will it be half browser with a global conflict and the battle played on the servers? Or Every server will run it’s own War Campaign? Or maybe just a graphical chat.. like a military base where soldiers can have a drink?

BattleField 3 should be released Summer 2010 😆

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  1. By ILCassaintegrato on March 13, 2010

    I hope will be a good official support to clans, tournament and ladders 🙂

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