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Experience Global Agenda’s award-winning multi-player shooter gameplay free through Level 15, while creating and leveling up to eight different characters.

From the ashes of the devastating Third Great War rose the Commonwealth, an oppressive world government determined to control the entire planet. The few remaining independent factions retaliate the only way they can, with elite teams of special operatives trained in advanced warfare tactics and equipped with high-tech weaponry. The future of humanity is their battleground, where knowledge is power, technology is a race, and everyone has a Global Agenda.

* Create your agent – Create, customize, and develop multiple agent characters, complementing your FPS skills with accessible RPG-style progression. Unlock weaponry and cutting edge devices including jetpacks, grenade launchers, mines, deployable turrets, stealth suits, holographic decoys, robotic droids and HUNDREDS of others.
* Co-Op with friends online – Four players share the same online mission experience – working as a team, communicating via built-in text and voice chat, infiltrating facilities, defeating end bosses, and earning technology upgrades.
* Compete in fast-paced, multiplayer matches – Teamwork and tactics are paramount within objective-based game types designed from the ground up to support intense and balanced player vs. player combat.

Upgrade to the full version on Steam to progress beyond Level 15, unlock additional content and gameplay modes, activate voice chat, join an agency, receive higher login priority and more!

You must activate an account on the Global Agenda website in order to participate in the free trial.

Link to Steam

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