Blitz 1941 Conquering System

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The long announced and expected Conquering System is ready and will be patched on the 29th of April 2010!

-Up to 45 maps, including some brand new ones that have never seen before
-Maps will be accessible according to the status of the conquering system.
-Dominating a map will enable you to benefit from additional bonuses in the future and as long your nation controls the map.
-Dynamic system of map changes ensures that there will be also strategic opportunities for every site and every day to fight back!
-NPC Balancing System
-With the Conquering System it will also change the system of the current Support Tank to create a bit more realist atmosphere as well!
-NPC Support tanks will appear now on all maps!
-NPC Support tanks will fight not only against users, they will also fight against other NPC tanks and Support Tanks
-Spawn point will be always the main tank factory of each side!
-Strength of Support tanks will differ according to the map level, be aware for some tough fights!

Blitz 1941
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