Tactical Intervention Preview

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Tactical Intervention is made from the same creator of Counter-Strike, Minh Le (aka Gooseman) making this an unofficial Counter Strike 2!

Pitting CounterTerrorists versus Terrorists over varied urban locales, Tactical Intervention promises an exhilarating First Person Shooter experience by delivering a huge weapons arsenal paired with many innovative gameplay features!

Here goes some videos..

Link to Official Site

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7 Responses to “Tactical Intervention Preview”

  1. By Máté on May 30, 2010

    I dont think what to think, it seems they tried to make it CoD-ish. And i still cant understand the point of incorrectly mirrored weapons.

    • Since it’s free it’s not a big deal to give it a try and decide if it is worth some time to waste…
      but ye as an unofficial Counter Strike 2 it didn’t look as revolutionary as the first cs.

  2. By Máté on May 31, 2010

    I agree, it seems like a nice mixture of cs and cod. Ill try it if u wont, and if u want i could write a short article about it.

    • Sure if you want.. why not?
      As for now since we didn t open the registration yet (for security reason) you can write the review here in the comments, then i ll grab it and full publish..

  3. By Máté on May 31, 2010

    When is it going to be released btw?

    • it’s cb atm so.. i guess it will be 1 to 6 months before release (open beta)..
      I doubt it will take more than a year.. most probably a summer or autumn release…

      or who knows? Maybe next month..

  4. By Máté on June 1, 2010

    My only worry is the korean publisher (i have a phobia about micro-payment and the exaggerated asian games/films).

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