Company of Heroes Online coming to North America

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Company of Heroes Online is a free-to-play online action strategy game based upon the highest-rated real-time strategy title of all time.

The game will be released in North America September 2010.

Company of Heroes Online delivers all the frenetic action and strategic combat from the critically-acclaimed series, while also offering unparalleled customization and personalization. Choose from six different combat doctrines, each with its own strengths and combat styles. Customize your army and enter each conflict with your own unique set of battle-tested Heroes, unit upgrades, and devastating Commander Abilities. Become the ultimate military commander as you unlock new abilities with every conflict and build your army with every victory.

Company of Heroes Online
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Company of Heroes Online – Q&A

Thu, 05/27/2010 – 01:58 AM | by Thunder

Today, THQ and Relic Entertainment unveiled the next evolution in the critically-acclaimed Company of Heroes franchise with the announcement of the free-to-play multiplayer experience, Company of Heroes Online. We sat down with producer Greg Wilson to get some more info on the game.

What makes Company of Heroes Online different from the other COH titles?
Company of Heroes Online is a completely unique free-to-play experience which builds upon the great multiplayer gameplay the franchise is known for. COHO allows players to create a persistent commander from one of several combat doctrines, including infantry, airborne, and armored to name a few. As players progress, they can upgrade their commander’s special abilities, outfit their troops with unique upgrades, and enlist the aid of Hero units. This persistent progression and expanded customization allows players to build their armies over time and strategize both on and off the battlefield.

What kinds of upgrades can you get?
The game features a large number of upgrades and special units. You can obtain upgrades to increase speed, improve accuracy, decrease resource costs, and increase health of your units to name a few. Players are limited on how many they can bring in a match. You can also recruit Hero units which have special abilities not available to standard units. Heroes level up from match to match as well, adding persistence to units between matches. Both of these items can be unlocked by playing the game or can be purchased from the store.

Will the micro-transaction model affect balance / give a player the advantage?

Maintaining play balance is extremely important and is a key focus for the team. We aren’t ready to speak in-depth about specifics just yet, but we are looking to maintain fun and fair competition through a variety of methods including free upgrades, earned in-game “currency”, and intelligent matchmaking.

What will happen to players of the original COH / support for the original COH when this comes out?
It is of the utmost importance to us that we continue to support the players who helped make Company of Heroes great. We will be maintaining the current servers for the foreseeable future, so players can continue to engage in multiplayer matches in Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts, and Tales of Valor. We will also be unveiling unique rewards in Company of Heroes Online for our loyal fanbase in the near future. We will definitely continue to support these players.

How many maps / factions / features will it have at launch?
We aren’t ready to go into details on this yet, but suffice to say the game will feature a broad selection of content at launch, with continued post launch support and updates.

How will COHO be distributed?
COHO will be distributed digitally. At launch, players will be able to download it from the official site and start playing right away for free.

Will you be doing a beta?
We will offer a beta phase and will be revealing more details soon.

What is the release date?
Company of Heroes Online will be coming to the US and Canadian markets in the fall of this year.

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