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Another idea for a game.. Do you know Travian? Do you know Rome Total War? I think it would be nice to mix those two types of games.. In your browser you mange troops and kingdom while in the battles, you play as in the multiplayer of Total War (with up to 16 generals.. since i don t think the tw engine would support more than that..)

Don’t you think it could be an awesome game?

There is actually a game, Strongholds Kingdoms which is in development and uses this hybrid gametype, browser for strategy and real time 2d engine for battles.

P.S Stronghold Kingdoms is currently in alpha 4, which will start july 19th 2010.

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  1. By Laughing on July 18, 2010

    I’ve often thought about how great a game like this would be, but getting it right would be a nightmare. A few attempts have been made (including one ill-fated one by myself), but nothing to my knowledge has turned out well. For instance in a game like travian you have to develop and make alliances as fast as you can to keep from being conquered, but if the battles were tactical instead of computer calculated what happens when the defender is not online? I could discus this problem for far longer than I should in a comment box, so I’d better just cut it short.

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