Sanctioned Renegades New Beta

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Alex informed us that there is a new beta of Sanctioned Renegades available, a fps playable directly in the browser available for windows and macintosh.
On the website is stated that the windows version is also playable without using a browser.

Sanctioned Renegades
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  1. By Máté on July 27, 2010

    Not bad for a free game. The destructable enviroment looks ok. The bad things that they were lazy to make different attachments for the different guns. The scope mound on the MP5 and UMP45 is just hillarious, and the scopes side is transparent from inside, they should have make an acog and piccanity rail for every gun. The m203 is too small and is applied to all guns, and i cant understand how to get ammo for it. The models are not bad, but the textures look crap, especially the bump maps. They look like they were just generated from the texture, which is a bad way of normalmapping. The biggest problem that the character animations are fucked up and look laggy.

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