G4G on FaceBook!

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Hey guys and ladies.. i just opened a facebook page for g4g.it…
If you like g4g gives us your vote! 😆

Here’s the link..

G4G.it FaceBook

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6 Responses to “G4G on FaceBook!”

  1. By matte on July 29, 2010

    Yeah! appena mi connetto divento subito fan 😀
    GRANDE KEN!!!!

  2. By satrincha on July 30, 2010

    i was ready to open a facebook account for the girl, but she is not in your facebook … damn >.< 😆

    • This girl is amazing! and she is on FaceBook but no idea which is her name.. 😛

      Wonder why i putted this photo on this post… 😆

    • Wow 7 fans so far! Thank you guys..

      If you want send friend requests.. no problem..
      I still must understand how FaceBook works.. 😆

  3. The girl name is Wendy.. and she is a model..
    according to this..


    Pretty obvious she was a model hired for a marketing campaign.. i mean have you seen her? Only if she lived in the north pole she would have needed facebook to get some friends… 😆
    Dunno if someone cares.. just posted this out of curiosity.. 😉

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