EverQuest II goes free to play

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Released from deep within the dark and dangerous depths of Norrath, a new free adventure service emerges, EverQuest® II Extended! SOE has liberated portions of the critically acclaimed PC franchise, EverQuest II, including five plus years of impressive, award-winning content to online adventurers, free. EverQuest II Extended joins the highly successful EverQuest II live subscription service, and together, provide EQII players with a choice of either a subscription-based or free-to-play business model — two distinct experiences operating in parallel, a first in the MMO industry!

Extended provides access to premium subscription-quality content through free and optional paid membership levels. Powered by an all-new web-based download application, new and veteran players alike can experience all the excitement and depth of EQII’s content without a daunting installation or a massive download. Players can register within minutes, download the client to join other people in an epic journey, and launch into adventure in a fantastical online 3D world. Extended is the ultimate MMORPG experience. Excitement with every breath and adventure around every turn is now available for free!

EverQuest II Extended
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5 Responses to “EverQuest II goes free to play”

  1. By Máté on August 8, 2010

    Im not a fan of MMORPGs, but im really considering to try this 1. That lute rocks.

  2. By Peter on August 9, 2010

    It looks like it can’t be played for free yet. The free version is now only available for paying customers :S

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