Mugen Collection 1

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Recently i browsed this website and thought it was time to clean (at least a little) the big mess there is in some parts of it, and in this case, the mugen made games.. This doesn’t contain all the mugen games that’s why it’s numbered collection 1, expect more collections in the future. Happy downloading and happy gaming. Hope you ll like this.
I can also suggest you to download WinMugen Fighting Jam which is an amazing crafted mugen.


Note:To extract the files you need winrar or 7zip (free) or equivalent.

This are the games included in this collection:

Alien vs Predator Mugen Edition
Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition (2010)
Dragon Ball Z vs Bleach (2010)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 FE version 1 (mugen)
ONE PIECE Grand Line Bout Beta (mugen)
Dragon Ball AF Beta 1.0 (mugen)
Naruto Arena Battle 2(mugen) (2 files)
Capcom VS Snk Ultimate Mugen 2007
Star Wars Mugen
Bastard! (mugen)
Street Fighter 1 Mugen (2 files)
Snk Battle Coliseum Mugen (2 files)
Pocket Fighter
Manga Warriors Torunament
Mugen Tournament 3

WinMugen Fighting Jam

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