Some Free Game review…

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image is from lord of the rings online.

ok i found this videos on yt, thought to share, this is a list of videos where people review or show free games..
Let’s take a look..

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3 Responses to “Some Free Game review…”

  1. By Máté on August 29, 2010

    Thank you.

    • Yar welcome, i m still undecided if try everquest 2 extended, while i ll sure try lotro online and coh online.

      I am pretty sure it s just a question of time b4 age of conan and warhammer online goes free to play as well. One of the good thing world of warcraft made was to cannibilize all the others mmo, that s why in my opinion there are so many mmo with free or innovative business model, plus i really don t understand developers.. Guild Wars started immediatly without the fee, just the price of the client and did pretty good, still wow make in a month the same money that gw made in a year.. more developers should follow the guild wars example.. now it would be fun if google enter the mmo games world.. with all those powerful servers it could pose a real threat.. but we are talking google, they make in a day the same money that wow make in a month.. 😆

  2. By Máté on August 29, 2010

    The cause why wow beats all other MMORPGs is because it was the first bigger attempt in that genre. Those who payed that for a longer time wouldnt want to give up their characters and their online friends (here i have some awful stereotypes). It may not be the best, but the first and biggest. I dont like those rank/XP based games anyway.

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