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Many of the top games around now are pretty beasts made by teams of hundreds of people.. when you see back in the prehistoric age you can see clearly that most of the developers today have been gamers, and all the games they played inspired their work, in some cases but for other reason the games are exactly the same in a 3d engine.. i hope you will find this reading and watching the following videos interesting and fun as much as i find it while writing this..

Mafia 2, the character looks a 3d version of Cinemaware’s King of Chicago, both characters in those games are modeled after famous actors, Vito Scaletta (probably) after Marlon Brando.

Shogun 2 Total War – Lords of the Rising Sun
Creative assembly if i recall correctly started with Shogun 1 it’s total war series game.. it took 4 years-man to develop the engine which in the course of years of updating would have led to the milestone of rome total war and now shogun 2. I like to think they played the cinemaware’s classic when they were younger and thought.. hey wouldn t be awesome if we could make a game where thousands of troops are showed in epic battles? well they did it.

Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Gate
Well here it’s pretty obvious, dow 2 is a real time version in full 3d of old game named Chaos Gate.

Then there are example of copy-cat games, like StraCraft 2 and Street Fighter 4, they are identical to their old counterpart but in a full 3d engine.
What about Prince of Persia? This games is brilliant in both 2d and 3d version (depending on the 3d version u played lol), those two in common shares the combats.. they were both annoying, with the 2d being a little more acceptable since they were faster..

What about Ultima Online? What impact do you think it had on past and present mmorpg?
And there are a lot more examples.. but i finish it here. So how will be the games of the future? If Gaming will be still around i think as it happened for the past, they will have their roots in the modern games.. maybe an holographic screen to add real 3d to the call of duty gunfights? Who knows…

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