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A nice shooter made with gamemaker. Game is in alpha stage.
Features two playable stages, and two player support.

Link (lite version)

40.8 MiB - 738 downloads

-Tapping the fire button makes you move at normal speed, holding it down makes you move at halve speed.
-Destroying enemies fills up your experience bar (Red), which increases your firepower.
-Destroying enemies increases your multiplier, which increases the rate at which you score points.
-Dodging or Grazing enemy bullets fills up your bomb bar (Blue), which when full, adds one bomb to your bomb stock.
-If you get hit by an enemy bullet, and have bombs in stock, the bomb save will activate. This will clear the whole stage of enemy bullets for about two seconds, but will not damage the enemies.
-You can choose a different costume colour for your character at the select screen by pressing up or down before you select them.

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