Muvizu 3D (animation 3D)

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The Muvizu website is a place to meet fellow creatives and, using their tools, collaborate on projects ranging from movies to theatre and from audio dramas to music. One of their most powerful tools is the Muvizu 3D application, free downloadable PC software that enables anyone to create animated videos without specialist hardware, software or training.

Muvizu 3D (animation 3D)
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The Muvizu website and 3D application are integrated to allow you to upload your creations and showcase them to site visitors. The website contains other tools to complement your creative efforts. There’s a powerful script editor, project areas where you may store your audio, image, video and other files, forums and, to provide feedback, work you publish may be rated and commented on.

Muvizu 3D is built on the Unreal 3 games engine made by Epic games.

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