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The hybrid MMORPG ARGO Online combines awesome Steampunk style with Fantasy elements to a ground shaking experience where you can choose between two challenging factions with eight different character classes each. Enter the ultimate battle with hundreds of players fighting each other on huge battle grounds in PVP. Wander through a challenging open world, plan your economy, transportation and real time strategy to evolve your skills and turn the enemy down…

More thrilling PVP modes like capture the flag, thousands of quests and raid instances with an epic background story and a huge ranking system fulfil all your desires. ARGO online will be the next hot title in AlaPlaya’s game collection, prepare yourself for its release in Q1/2011. Here a teaser trailer..

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Features ARGO Online

• Free to play, no monthly fees
• Two races with eight classes each
• Thousands of quests with an intriguing background story
• Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, etc., more easily
• Large battlefields for epic battles with hundreds of players
• Various PvP modes (such as Capture the Flag)
• Real-time strategy elements (RTS)
• Crafting system with upgrade options for items
• Resource system (mineral earthdium) for skills (flying, attack, defense)
• Various professions
• Open PvP zones
• PvP dungeons
• Raid instances
• Transportation for three players / ten players (troop carriers) depending on the race
(Fantasy: mounts / Steampunk: vehicles)
• Transportation system with different types of air conveyances (depending on the race)
• Auction house
• Achievement system
• Comprehensive ranking system
• Pet system with two completely different pet designs (Fantasy: animals / Steampunk: machines)
• Huge world in a westernized look

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