Playing a video of the game not the game itself

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I heard recently about this service, from what i ve understood it’s a service in which you can play games in remote, you launch a game (you bought) then a regiment of super computers runs it and transform it in a HD video which is sent to you on your monitor, and i am not talking about pacman or super mario i am talking about Mafia 2 and others huge 3d game beasts..

Really i dunno what to think about this, there are advantage and disadvantage, plus fixed requirements to be met in order to use the service.. as a solution for piracy it seems to work but it seems a little bit too complex solution, cd keys with an auth server works pretty good in multiplayer games, through i must admit cdkeys as a protection doesn t work great on single player games.

Recently the service has been opened to indie developers too, after a small registration as a developer you’ll have access to the onlive sdk, if you want to distribute your game via their service.

There is also a special promotion you can use their service for 1 year FREE, but since you have to buy the games, i dunno what this free means..

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