GameMaker now running on iPad!

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Wow GameMaker is getting bigger..

Now it supports windows, mac, psp and iPad.

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3 Responses to “GameMaker now running on iPad!”

  1. By mas on September 28, 2010

    i heard in korea, game ratings wont allow any games (even rpg maker, game maker used ‘homemade’ games have to be tested. (aka, u pay money.)
    i wonder if using it on ipad can allow u to dodge such things

  2. By mas on September 28, 2010

    (srry, forgot to finish the post)
    so in korea, unless you have game rated, you can not sell / allow others to play and such i guess

    • so i heard too..

      The paradox is that you must pay (having mandatory game rated) even for free games.. and websites like this one shouldn t be possible.. without spending a wagonade of money.. since everygame i show cased and offer as a download mirrors needs to be rated (so payed)

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