Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate

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The game is a 2D, classic Role-Playing Game (Genre) with over 20+ hours of gameplay, and features Mode 7 graphics, Turn-Based combat, and so much more.

Enter the world of Cora and live the trials and tribulations of a young man named Magus Drakhen Lee, whom achieves his dark destiny of becoming known as ‘The Dark Lord of the Rim Kingdoms’. Though that is only the beginning of his story…for what erupts goes beyond imagining….

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CDL: Ep.I - Tides of Fate
166.0 MiB - 598 downloads

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  1. By Sephira on October 30, 2010

    Just gotta say that this game’s storyline BLEW my mind! I’m totally addicted to this game! Oh and I found the latest version of this game elsewhere, you might want to contact the developer to update it FireSword.

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