Bear Story

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Bear Story is a side scrolling puzzle platform game. The game has been specifically designed for two players with an emphasis on cooperative play. Player’s choose from one of 3 different characters (with each player using a distinct character) and they have to work together to progress through puzzle-filled environments to reach the end of each level.

Bear Story
47.7 MiB - 420 downloads

· A classic 2D platform game with a two player cooperative twist.
· Three playable characters, each with their own distinct skill set.
· Three character pair combinations. Players will need to play through the game with each combination in order to find every collectable.
· Piggyback mechanic. Combine the characters together, one runs and jump – the other attacks, to overcome many exciting challenges.
· Three exciting levels with multiple diverging paths.
· Awesome challenges which take full advantage of the two player set up – challenges which could not be overcome with just one character.
· Vast array of enemies including 3 level bosses.
· Support for both Keyboard and Gamepads.
· Play as Sergeant Snuggles, the grizzled war veteran, who uses his leaf blower/ vacuum device to blow objects and enemies around or launch your team member to normally out of reach places.
· Play as Pyro, the crazy pyromaniac, who can use fire both himself and other objects alight.
· Play as Ninja, the mysterious Ninja Girl, who uses her sword and blow darts to vanquish foes, and her great athleticism to dash through a level and climb up walls.

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