Heat Online (ex Project Torque) Open Beta

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By some days Heat Online is in ob status..
Ladies and Gentlemen.. starts your engine!

HEAT online
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HEAT online is a free-to-play MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) developed by Invictus-Games Ltd. Experienc e the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing with tens of awesome cars in HEAT online. You can race against thousands of fellow players on the racetracks of Germany or the Hungarian and Mexican off-road tracks, in the English countryside, on the rooftops of Shanghai and many more. Invictus’ l atest game engine offers a realistic real-time damage model. The vehicles are user-customizable both in appearance and performance. Win points by racing, buy items in-game and tune your ride.

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HEAT online (ex Project Torque)
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5 Responses to “Heat Online (ex Project Torque) Open Beta”

  1. By Máté on November 6, 2010

    Too bad they left the shadows static and left the mario effects. And do interriors damage now? Thanks for putting this up btw.

  2. Apparently this game seems only for USA, Canada and Mexico…

  3. By Máté on November 7, 2010

    Than how can i play it? I installed it yesterday and won my first 3 races. There were also Hungarians, but maybe thats because the Devs are Hungarians too and wouldnt be that effective if they couldnt join. Something is seriously not right and i like it.

  4. By Máté on November 9, 2010

    I spoke with a developer, its not decided yet if this or Level-r (Gamigo) will be avaible in hungary, and he said HO is closer to them because Innovo let them make more experimental stuff in that. I think Level-r is avaible everywhere in europe.

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