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Video Strip Poker Supreme is a brand new videogame from Torquemada Games. VSPS offers to players the thrill to play poker with beautifull women in the classic scheme win and undress. VSPS is a full video interactive game, the girls will talk and change expression,and players can offers money during the match for show off and trick the opponent. Every time players will beat a girl, will unlock a piece of strip tease video. Every time you install a new opponent you will need the unlock code from customer support, fortunately is automated and very fast! So beware to uninstall the game if you dont have and internet connection avaiable! The difficult of the match vary from opponents to opponents but isn’t never too easy nor too difficult.  VSPS offers Tier1 girls with hd video quality and atmosfere music.
Pros: High quality and interactive play, Tier1 Girls, replayable.
Cons: Only 1vs1, Only classic poker no texas hold’em, boring anti piracy system.
Score 9/10 the best in its class but can be improved to reach the perfection. And how Rocco say in Amica Chips advertisement: Very Good!

Don’t forget we are running a contest to win 1 of the 9 opponents pack.



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  1. Nice review Angelinux… 😉

  2. By buntolo on November 22, 2010

    During the review, did you strip the girls or did they leave you naked? 😉

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